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October 17 2017


if i didnt have depression no one could fucking stop me. i only have depression because otherwise im too powerful

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Underwater Ballet, Anne Ten Donkelaar

Dutch artist and product designer Anne ten Donkelaar arranges and photographs flowers underwater, thus capturing a “silent image of a spirited dance.” 

In this series, titled Underwater Ballet, the artist’s floral “ballerinas” dance and seemingly float around in still waters. They dreamily pose and sway, thoroughly hypnotizing us all. This stunning picture is just a glimpse of ten Donkelaar’s magical reality.



kiss my cheek, rub my shoulder, lean on me, hold me in your arm, hug me randomly, lie your head in my lap, i just wanna be close to you

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Inktober day 11!! He’s tired of walking…let him rest

October 16 2017

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i spent all day outside and came home to soak in the most heavenly bath ♡

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October 15 2017



A totally not gender specific list of things about people I like???

I see a billion “girl positivity posts” and every once in a while a “boy positivity post” but let me draw your attention to

–when short-haired folks run their hands through their hair and have instantaneously cute bedhead

–alternately, people with long hair pulling it up into a ponytail

–when people with hairy arms give you a hug and you can feel the hair tickling you A+++++

–on a similar note, when you kiss someone with a beard and you can feel that scratch afterwards? Nice

–when someone is in a pretty sundress and they keep running their hands over it to make sure it looks nice oh my GOSH

–backwards baseball caps please pitch me into your heart

–when you wake up next to someone and their eyeliner is all smudgy and they’re so so cute

–anyone in a baseball tee do I have a baseball kink I’m just realizing maybe

–when someone hugs you and they’re big and muscly and you feel like you have your own best friend bodyguard

–when someone hugs you and they’re chubby and it’s tender and you can feel the warmth radiating from them

–when a skinny person hugs you and you can get your arms all the way around like let me get you closer

–hugging tiny people and vowing to protect them

–some people when you spoon and you fit like you were meant to be there UGH

–when you’re with someone and they laugh and you can see the joy in their eyes and your heart crumbles a little bit

–loud laughs like they can’t contain their love for the joke ohhhhhh my gosh

–casual femme or masc looks where they threw something on and look stunning

–femme or masc looks where you can tell they put a lot of work in and that paid OFF

–I’m super fucking into people and wish them all the best

@advertisementofaffection Thank you for this, I really love it! <3 <3 <3


I keep trying to put into words how excited I am to be with you, but there are no words to describe such a beautiful feeling

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D gray man 226 colour page Manga Mag says the chapter has 20 pages

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there’s something about you that calms my heart so quickly


I want to watch our favorite movies together, curled on the couch and giggling through popcorn. I want you close. I want to hear your laugh and feel your hand untwined with mine.


concept: we’re both in our softest pajamas. your arms are around me and our legs are intertwined. you kiss the back of neck and tell me you won’t ever let me go.


Someone please kiss me softly and tell me I’m good enough.

WHOA look at the moon
— me literally every night no matter what phase the moon is in (via purple-space-freak)

October 14 2017

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Missing scene from when Kirishima visited Fatgum’s agency the first time.

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