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August 07 2017

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inspired by this because it was just too perfect for these nerds 

August 06 2017

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“But that’s not today…”

D.Gray Man Fanworks Initiative ||  Day 6: Peace; Dreams; Hope


pedophilia is ABSOLUTELY excused and oftentimes glorified in fandom spaces. like… it’s not disputable, there is incessant fic jerking off to “jailbait,” teacher/student AUs, there is so much brushing aside of dangerous age gaps. i know this because like. i’ve been in fandom since i was 11. i used to enjoy this shit when i was younger because all of the adults making content in fandom spaces presented it as totally normal and okay. i was so, so lucky that nobody used it to prey on me. and eventually i woke up because i saw people pushing back against it, properly contextualized it, realized we don’t exist in a vacuum, and now it disgusts and unnerves me.

i don’t care if it’s “not real life,” it’s still content you are putting into a public forum where real life kids and teenagers can and WILL see it. i know too many people who got hurt when they were younger because of this shit. adults have to start taking responsibility for the content they produce. we have to be conscious of what we are espousing and consuming.

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“I rise with the moon” *re-upload 

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August 05 2017

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had to draw my favorite superheroes together….guess i have a type :^) 

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shout out to me in 5 years…hope shes doing something cool i’m rooting for her

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female characters meme: [5/5] non-warrior characters // Allura (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

“We must fight and keep fighting until we defeat Zarkon. It is our destiny. Voltron is the universe’s only hope. We are the universe’s only hope.”

August 04 2017

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sunny days


to anyone enduring a depressive episode: it’s ok. you’re not being lazy or selfish. your productivity doesn’t define or devalue you. you’re coping. you’re doing the best you can, and that’s ok!


hey im curious… tag this with what pet name youd want your lover to call u most. baby or sweetheart etc

August 03 2017


Catch These Hands! with your hands. we’re holding hands now. this is nice


Honestly it’s such a euphoric feeling the instant you notice it started raining

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you know, I could draw them with their normal clothes but I mean… why should I?



Honestly, comic book writers have gotta start using their characters for more current events commentary. 

Tell me about Superman’s experience as a refugee and what he feels or does when the US tries to close its borders. 

Tell me about Batman’s gun control agenda and how Bruce Wayne goes to rallies to tell the masses how he had to see his own parents murdered. 

Tell me about Wonder Woman being a proficient diplomat, talking to leaders all over the world, stopping wars and taking no shit. 

Tell me about Tony Stark hating politics and trying to save the world and environment and protecting those more vulnerable and being an anti-trump figure. 

Tell me about Steve Rogers taking no shit from facists, racists and homophobes because he didn’t fight the goddam nazis so that some biggots could try to repeat history’s mistakes all over again. 

Tell me about Natasha Romanoff strongly advocating against child soldiers and human traffic and senseless cold wars.



What’s the point of having long-standing, serialized fiction about fundamentally moral people if you’re gonna put them in a vacuum???

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Lance is always pulling Hunk along to places they shouldn’t be

And finding weird… sea creatures?

August 02 2017


every time i hear your voice i fall more in love with you


holding hands is possibly the most heart warming activity ever. or when you see someone for the first time in a long time and they run up to you and squeeze you tight!!! and you kinda rock side to side with them because you’re so excited. or when someone rests their head on your shoulder when they’re tired or you get a kiss on the cheek or

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Last batch of witchsona commissions, first half.

Too many to fit on one post, so second half can be found here.

Individual posts & commissioner link backs can be found on the rest of my tumblr.

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